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DUI in Indiana

Residents of central Indiana in Marion, Morgan, Johnson and other central Indiana counties routinely face operating while intoxicated offenses (DUI, OWI, or OVWI) charges in the Greenwood City Court. You may lose your license as a result of being charged with such crimes. The attorneys at Boren, Oliver, and Coffey can provide legal representation to not only adequately defend you in your criminal case, but also continue to allow you to drive.


What is a DUI, OVWI, or an OWI in Indiana?

You might be asking yourself, “What qualifies as a DUI, OVWI, or OWI in Indiana?” In Indiana, “Operating While Intoxicated” refers to a person who has consumed alcohol or drugs while operating a vehicle. In some jurisdictions, this offense is referred to as a DUI while in others it may be referred to as an OWI or even an OVWI – the bottom line is that all of these charges are essentially the same.


What is my biggest concern when arrested for a DUI?

Oftentimes defendants underestimate all the ramifications that occur as a result of getting arrested or convicted for a DUI. In Indiana, you can lose your license to drive even before you are convicted. Getting an attorney as soon as possible is crucial to try to minimize any damage and impact to your license and your liberties.
In addition to losing your ability to drive, you can face jail time, probation, fines and fees, and oftentimes many counties may require some sort of alcohol treatment program. Again, getting an attorney early in your case can help you to avoid or mitigate any sort of impact any of these things could have on your life.


How can you fight a DUI?

An experienced attorney will be able to identify and advocate for the numerous defenses to a DUI case. They include the following: challenges to the validity of the stop, challenges to the establishment of probable cause, challenges to the proper procedures and techniques being adhered to when conducting a certified breath or blood test, and other legal challenges to the arrest itself.

Even if all the proper procedures are followed, you still have legal defenses that an experienced attorney can explain to you. Attorneys also can advise and advocate on your behalf in plea negotiations and advising you your rights in the entire process.

The attorneys at Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP have years of experience advocating for and defending clients charged with driving while intoxicated throughout the state of Indiana. Contact our office today at 765-342-0147 for a free initial consultation to review your case and explain your options.