Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyers

Representation For Defendants With Possession Charges

Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyers

Representation For Defendants With Possession Charges


The laws and regulations that govern Indiana’s drug statutes are complicated and can carry with them some serious penalties. Individuals that carry professional licenses such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and pilots, just to name a few, have special considerations that need to be taken into account in representation for drug charges. The criminal defense attorneys at Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP can help you navigate the legal complexities of fighting a drug possession charge and help you pursue the best possible outcome in court.

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Drug Possession Frequently Asked Questions

How serious is the crime of drug possession in Indiana and what are the consequences of being convicted of possession?
The seriousness of any charge is determined by a number of factors: the Schedule of the drug possessed, the amount possessed, where the defendant was at the time of possession, and whether or not there appears to be an attempt to distribute the drug. Because the law is complex, and each situation unique, if you are facing possession charges, you should consult with experienced drug possession defense attorneys as soon as possible to help you prepare for the next steps.
What do we mean by “Schedule?”
Drugs are categorized by Schedule. A Schedule I drug is a drug that has a high likelihood of abuse and no recognized medical use, such as ecstasy, heroin, and marijuana. On the other end of the spectrum, Schedule V drugs have a low potential for addiction and known medical uses; for example, codeine. The lower the schedule number, the more dangerous the drug is considered, and the more severe the consequences of possession.
What can I expect from a lawyer who is working with me on a drug possession case?
Sometimes clients dealing with drug charges suffer from an addiction illness. Drug possession defense attorneys should be knowledgeable of the law concerning possession cases, but they should also be a compassionate advocate for their client. Our firm has significant experience in not only representing defendants in court but also in working with the network of drug addiction centers located throughout Indiana.

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