Indiana Traffic Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Charged With Traffic Violations

Indiana Traffic Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Charged With Traffic Violations


After pleading guilty to certain traffic-related crimes, individuals can lose their ability to operate a motor vehicle. Losing the ability to drive can be a devastating setback as it may take away your ability to get to work or school, making it impossible to provide for yourself and your family. Our traffic lawyers have experience representing our clients in both criminal and civil matters in this area, which gives us the knowledge and experience to give you proper guidance.

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Traffic Violations Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose my license for a traffic violation?
Every traffic violation puts a certain number of points on your driver’s license. In Indiana, a driver who accumulates 18 or more points within a 2-year period may lose their license for 30 days to 12 months. Your Indiana driver’s license could be suspended for up to 10 years if the traffic violations are numerous or serious.
How can hiring a lawyer help me save my license?
Representing clients that are charged with driving while suspended or those that are charged as habitual traffic violators requires a solid understanding of the judicial and the administrative process so that clients fully understand their options. Our lawyers can help you navigate this complicated process. Because losing one’s license often means losing one’s livelihood, a lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible after numerous or serious traffic offenses.
Is it worth it hire a lawyer to fight a ticket?
Though the up front cost of paying the ticket may be cheaper, you might need a lawyer if the ticket is likely to cost you more money long term. The ticket may raise insurance rates, lead to large fines or put points on your license. If your license is in danger of being suspended you should definitely hire a lawyer.

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