Things To Think About Before You Choose Not To Hire A Business Law Attorney

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Things To Think About Before You Choose Not To Hire A Business Law Attorney

If you own a business, you may be feeling uncertain as to whether you should hire a business law attorney. Maybe you are just getting it up and going, or you just aren’t sure you need a lawyer at all, so there is no need in retaining the services of a business law attorney.

We understand that. Getting a business started is tough enough… you don’t need one more ball to juggle. However, at BOC, we like to tell people that luck favors the prepared. There are several questions that you will want to consider before you choose not to hire a business law team:

  • Are you laying the right foundation?
  • Is your business watertight?
  • Are you willing to invest in the success of your business?

Are you laying the right foundation?

Starting a business off on the right foot is a lot like building a home. If you lay the foundation with care, you will have a sturdy structure for years to come. A shaky foundation for your business could mean collapse down the road… not a pretty picture, especially if you are in a position where you owe clients work and the landlord a rent check. Every business needs an attorney from the start. A reasonable business law attorney will provide you with vital help throughout your business’ lifespan. The team at BOC is able to help you with everything from essential compliance with zoning laws to advice with trademarks and copyrights to which kind of business formation is best for your needs.

Is your business watertight?

So many startups make the mistake of having little or no paperwork in place to protect them when they need it most. This can become an issue if lawsuits arise. In the event that your company gets sued, you will need a business law team to represent you, but hiring an attorney to make sure you have the right pieces in place could have helped you avoid the lawsuit altogether. When you work with a business law attorney, they get to know everything about your business, so they won’t have to spend hours – and money – trying to learn how you operate and how to defend you. The bottom line: you might think you are saving money now, but you could be in for a painfully expensive future if you don’t put the right pieces in place now.

Are you willing to invest in the success of your business?

Getting the right attorney on board early is like any other business investment. Our team will make it as easy as possible for you because we have a passion for helping businesses with their needs. If you schedule a free consultation so we can understand your needs, we can show you how we can maximize our impact on your business. In our many long-standing business relationships, our clients have seen a return on that investment in the form of money saved by having the right pieces in place or added revenue when we help pursue legal matters that result in payment to our clients’ businesses.

… So what does a business law attorney do to help you get started?

When you get your business up and going, you might think you can use templates for your documents and paperwork, but those don’t always protect your legal interests. You want to make sure you handle everything to keep your bases covered, so your business law attorney will make sure all the legal matters associated with your company get adequately handled. Here are a few areas in which a business law attorney from BOC can assist with your day-to-day operations:

Contract Drafting & Review

All businesses need contracts for different aspects of their functioning. Your business law attorney will make sure your contracts are thorough, so your rights and interests are protected. Before you sign any contracts, you will need to have your lawyer perform a contract review to see if the agreement needs any changes.

Business Formations & Partnership Agreements

If you have a partner, you will need an attorney to help with the partnership agreement and the business formation. Your attorney will help you determine which kind of formation – limited liability company or corporation – is the best choice for your business and can help you with filing the paperwork and forming your business. A great business law professional can also provide some recommendations about how best to structure the partnership agreement so that everyone involved feels comfortable and protected.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-competes are an especially important piece to get right if you want to protect your business, trade secrets, and ultimately have your non-compete be an enforceable one. If the non-compete is one of the many templated agreements we see out there, you run the risk of making your employee sign something that actually stands in their way of making a livable wage for themselves, something that no court in Indiana will bother to enforce. Protect what’s yours by getting your non-competes just right for you, and for your employees.

Intellectual Property Protection

If your business is of the creative nature that involves media or design, your lawyer can help you to register your services and products for copyright protection and federal trademarks. Intellectual property protection is essential to your business because if your intellectual property and rights aren’t protected, your company could suffer financially.

Real Estate Contract Review

At some point, there will likely be a real estate transaction involved, such as a lease or the purchase of property for an office, retail store, or business operation. These contracts are often written to benefit the landlord, and you may think there cannot be any changes made to them. That isn’t the case, and your business law attorney will be able to determine if a standard tenant’s addendum would be necessary to include provisions that benefit you. You also may be surprised to know that landlords frequently adjust the terms of their contract once they know you have a lawyer in your corner who is helping you review the document.

Let us serve as your advocate.

If you have a business, you need a business law attorney, and our team is standing at the ready to help. Don’t wait until you are facing legal issues before you enlist the help of experienced legal counsel… you’ll be glad you took the time to build your business properly. Looking for more resources for your business? Read more about why your small business needs a business attorney.


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