Indiana Motorcycle, Auto, and Truck Accident Lawyers

Helping you get the maximum compensation from your accident

Indiana Motorcycle, Auto, and Truck Accident Lawyers

Helping you get the maximum compensation from your accident


Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents can take a complicated toll on a person's life. The impact of serious injury, medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle damage can create a devastating spiral of anxiety. To focus on your physical recovery, you can’t spend energy worrying about the financial impacts of medical bills and lost wages. Let accident lawyers at Boren, Oliver & Coffey LLP take care of the legal aspects of your accident so you can recover.

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Motorcycle, Auto, and Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

If I have insurance, do I still need a lawyer to help me get compensation after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident?
Hiring experienced accident lawyers can help you get the maximum compensation for injuries sustained in an accident involving a car, truck, or motorcycle. If you want to know more about the process of hiring a lawyer, you can browse our free e-book. Should you decide to pursue legal counsel for your accident, we offer free consultations to get to know you and the specifics of your situation.
When should I see a doctor after an accident?
You should consult a physician as soon as possible. Injuries resulting from the accident may not present themselves in ways that are obvious to you. However, a doctor can document symptoms that may later connect your injury to the accident, which may be important to building a legal case.
How can an attorney help me recover losses sustained in an automobile accident?
Insurance companies often push for quick settlements when it comes to dealing with your personal injury claim. Hiring accident lawyers can help ensure that all of your medical expenses are reimbursed, They can also pursue reimbursements in the case of an uninsured driver at fault.
Why is it important to consult an attorney immediately following an accident with a semi truck or large commercial vehicle?
Dealing with the aftermath of an accident involving a semi truck can become complicated. Often you may be dealing with multiple insurance adjusters, all of whom are working in the defense of the trucking company, cargo shipper, and truck driver. A lawyer can help you navigate a fair settlement and advocate on your behalf so you can focus on recovery.


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Our attorneys devote their practice to personal injury and trial work across the state of Indiana. Insurance companies use big data to track the law firms with trial experience and a track record for securing favorable outcomes. If you don't have an attorney with trial experience and a winning record, your settlement could be negatively impacted. We serve south-central Indiana and beyond to protect Hoosiers from insurance companies trying to settle personal injury cases far below their worth.

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