Battery Offenses



When someone is charged with domestic battery, it is easy for everyone to jump to conclusions. Domestic relationships always are complex in that they involve two or more people that know each other well, and are prone to leverage that knowledge to encourage violent behavior.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a violent crime, you need to hire an attorney immediately. As with all criminal cases, it is generally a very bad idea to cooperate with the police. During most investigations, the police are working hard towards getting a confession. They are generally not conducting an unbiased investigation. You deserve to have an attorney looking out for your legal rights and your best interest, and that is exactly what our law firm is here to do.

Contact our office to set up an appointment, and in the interim, have no communication whatsoever with anyone, including family members and loved ones, until we have had an opportunity to review your case and advise you accordingly.


Violent crimes, especially those that are the cause of serious bodily injury, are some of the most heavily prosecuted and carry the most significant amount of prison time of all crimes. In these cases, emotions are often very high, and it is essential that you have a skilled counselor to represent your interests through the entirety of the criminal justice process.

Attorneys at the law firm of Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP have experience in death penalty murder cases, reckless homicide, armed robbery, and practically every major violent crime recognized by Indiana law. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to carefully guide you or your loved one through the entire legal process. All attorneys in our firm are seasoned trial attorneys capable of not only negotiating for the best possible plea offer but also capable and experienced at jury trials.