Indiana Arson and Property Crimes Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Charged With Arson or Property Crimes

Indiana Arson and Property Crime Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Charged With Arson or Property Crimes


If you have been accused of arson or a property crime such as theft or vandalism, you'll need a trial-tested experienced lawyer to protect your interests and reputation. Arson can be considered a felony in the state of Indiana, and the consequences of conviction of these crimes can be serious. Let Boren, Oliver and Coffey, LLP fight to get the best possible results in your case.

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Arson and Property Crimes Frequently Asked Questions

What is arson?
Arson is a crime in which a fire is set deliberately that causes damage to property. Arson doesn't necessarily involve intent to defraud in the setting of the fire, but the fire must be set knowingly and intentionally.
How serious is an arson charge?
Arson charges can be considered misdemeanors or felonies, but depending on the extent of the damage caused and whether or not people have been injured, arson charges can carry serious repercussions. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to get representation and direction if you've been accused of arson.
What are types of property crime?
Burglary and theft as well as vandalism and arson are types of property crimes.

If you're facing charges of