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Representation For Defendants With Child Molestation Charges

Indiana Criminal Defense Attorneys

Representation For Defendants Charged With Child Molestation


Child molestation, like all violent crimes, is prosecuted aggressively in the state of Indiana. If convicted, the government will force you to register as a sex offender which restricts where you can live, travel, and work, as well as how you use the internet. Criminal defense attorneys at Boren, Oliver and Coffey LLC can help you mitigate the damages to your life caused by this criminal charge.

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Child Molestation Frequently Asked Questions

How does the law define child molestation?
In Indiana, child molestation is a crime in which a person knowingly participates in an act of a sexual nature (including exposure to pornography) with a child under the age of 14. The specific circumstances of the crime determine the level of the felony with which the accused is charged.
How can an attorney help me if I am charged with child molestation?
Criminal defense attorneys work with child psychologists and forensic medical experts to build the strongest possible defense for you.
When should I contact a lawyer if I have been accused of child molestation?
Even though such an accusation may be so emotionally loaded it is difficult to talk about, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation to better understand the particulars of your case and help you proceed.
What are the consequences of being convicted of a child molestation charge?
Child molestation is always a felony, but the level of felony determines the severity of the consequences if convicted. For example, if the crime involves touching with the intent to arouse, it is considered a level 4 felony, punishable with a two-to-twelve year prison term and a maximum fine of $10,000. However, acts involving threats with a deadly weapon, use of drugs on the victim, the knowing transmission of a dangerous STD, or serious physical injury to the victim, are considered more serious felonies punishable by a 20-40 year prison term. The stakes are high in child molestation cases, and if you have been accused of a crime of this nature you will need a lawyer with experience in child molestation cases. Boren, Oliver & Coffey LLC are trial-tested criminal defense attorneys that can help you navigate these serious charges.

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