Indiana Sentence Modification Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Seeking Sentence Modification

Indiana Sentence Modification Lawyers

Representation For Defendants Seeking Sentence Modification


After you have been convicted and sentenced, you have the right to request a sentence modification for a variety of reasons. This can occur immediately after sentencing, or at any time during the serving of that sentence. At Boren, Oliver and Coffey, LLP, we understand that circumstances change, that some sentences are unfair or impose unreasonable strain on the family of the convicted. We work to modify and reduce our clients' sentences, so that they are fair and reasonable.

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Sentence Modification Frequently Asked Questions

When can I request a sentence modification?
There are numerous laws and rules that control sentence modifications and when you may request a modification. An experienced attorney needs to review your case, the plea deal, or any other evidence that was submitted during sentencing to determine whether you may qualify for a sentence modification.
What kinds of sentences can be modified?
Almost any kind of sentence can be modified, whether it's jail time, probation, or monetary fines.
For what reasons are sentence modifications requested?
Sentence modifications can be requested for a number of different reasons. If new evidence emerges in a case that would indicate that the original sentence is unjust, that would be grounds for a sentence modification. There are several other possible reasons for requesting a sentence modification as well, such as completing education or rehab, or an unreasonable burden placed on the family of the sentenced individual.
When can a sentence modification not be requested?
If your sentence was determined as part of a plea agreement, then your sentence cannot be modified. However, you should contact us and discuss your case to see if you have other means of legal recourse that are appropriate for your circumstances.

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