Indiana Violent Offense Attorneys

Representation For Defendants Charged With Violent Offenses

Indiana Violent Offense Attorneys

Representation For Defendants Charged With Violent Offenses


Violent crimes, especially those that are the cause of serious bodily injury, are some of the most heavily prosecuted and carry the most significant amount of prison time of all crimes. In these cases, emotions are often very high, and it is essential that you have a skilled counselor to represent your interests through the entirety of the criminal justice process. The violent offenses attorneys at Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP have a proven record of successful defense for those charged with violent crimes.

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Violent Offenses Frequently Asked Questions

If I have been accused of a violent offense, what should I consider when hiring a lawyer?
A key factor to consider is the experience that the lawyer brings to your case. Criminial defense attorneys at the law firm of Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP have experience in death penalty murder cases, reckless homicide, armed robbery, and practically every major violent crime recognized by Indiana law. If you want to know more about what to consider when hiring a lawyer, please download our free e-book .
What kind of assistance should I expect from a lawyer handling my case?
Your attorney should be experienced at jury trials. They should also be knowledgeable about your rights throughout the process, and help inform you of those rights.
What consequences are there for a violent crime conviction in the state of Indiana?
Depending on the nature of the crime, consequences of a conviction for a violent crime in Indiana might include fines, lengthy probations, long, or even life-long prison sentences, or the death penalty. Criminal defense attorneys can help you fight being convicted and avoid these harsh penalties.
What offenses are considered violent offenses in Indiana?
In Indiana, there are several crimes that fall under the umbrella of violent offenses, including intimidation with a firearm, battery, murder, attempted murder, armed robbery criminal recklessness, and vehicular homicide. If you have been accused of any of these crimes you will need experienced criminal defense attorneys to help ensure your case has the best possible outcome.

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