Indiana White Collar Crimes Attorneys

Representation For Defendants Charged With White Collar Crimes

Indiana White Collar Crimes Attorneys

Representation For Defendants Charged With White Collar Crimes


White collar crimes constitute a variety of very different kinds of offenses, from embezzlement to copyright infringement, and there are often layers of responsibility for the alleged crime, as the accused is often working with multiple individuals at an organization when the suspected event occurs. Because of these crimes' varied and bureaucratic nature, you need help from a lawyer with a broad knowledge of the law, and a meticulous attention to detail.

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White Collar Crimes Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white collar crime?
White collar crime is a broad category of crime rather than one specific criminal act. Embezzlement, insider trading, cybercrime, copyright infringement, and identity theft are all examples of white collar crime.
How are white collar crimes different?
White collar crimes are different than other types of crime in three key ways: they often happen in connection to the accused's line of business; the accused is often broadsided by the charge and unaware that their actions could be considered illegal; the accused often has no direct contact with the victim.
What are the potential penalties for a white collar crime?
Punishment for white collar crime can be just as severe as punishment for other kinds of crime. Fines, home detention, and paying restitution and prosecutor fees, are all common consequences of a conviction, but imprisonment is also entirely possible depending on the severity of the crime.

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