Indiana Workers' Comp Lawyers

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Indiana Workers' Comp Lawyers

Get the supportive assistance you deserve


Most people know that if you are injured on the job, you can obtain benefits through the workers' compensation system. But most people don’t know that if your on-the-job injury was caused by someone who is not your employer, such as a subcontractor on a construction site, you may be able to pursue additional compensation through a third-party claim. Hiring workers' comp lawyers can help you obtain additional compensation to help you cover the long-term costs of your injury, including future medical bills and lost wages.

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Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an attorney even if I am eligible to submit a claim for workers’ compensation?
You can submit a claim for workers’ compensation without the need for a lawyer to prove the employer is at fault. However, workers’ compensation benefits are minimal and do not cover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. If you think your injury may have been caused by a third party, workers' comp lawyers can help you get compensated by that third party in addition to what you are entitled to through workers’ compensation benefits.
What is “third party liability”?
If you’ve suffered an injury on the job that was caused by an entity or person who is not your employer, that person or entity is responsible for the damages caused to you, along with your employer. For example, a manufacturer might be responsible if you are injured working with defective tools, or if negligence on the part of a shop owner causes a dangerous situation when you are picking up supplies for a job.
Are there any other circumstances in which I might need an attorney to help negotiate my benefits?
Any time you find yourself in disagreement with an insurance company is a time to consider hiring workers' comp lawyers. For example if your claim is denied or your permanent disability rating is in dispute, a lawyer may be able to advocate for you. We offer a free consultation that may help you explore the benefits you may be entitled to.


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Our attorneys devote their practice to personal injury and trial work across the state of Indiana. Insurance companies use big data to track the law firms with trial experience and a track record for securing favorable outcomes. If you don't have workers' comp lawyers with trial experience and a winning record, your settlement could be negatively impacted. We serve south-central Indiana and beyond to protect Hoosiers from insurance companies trying to settle personal injury cases far below their worth.

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