What You Need To Know About Interstate 69 Condemnation

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What You Need To Know About Interstate 69 Condemnation

Indiana Interstate 69 Condemnation

As the Interstate 69 project moves its way through south-central Indiana, properties in section six are in the process of being acquired by the State of Indiana. You, your friends, or a loved one may have a property that could be affected by the Interstate 69 project. The firm of Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP has represented individuals, businesses, farms, and non-profits to make sure that those impacted receive fair compensation for any land the government takes for the Interstate 69 project.

Your home and property are among your most valuable assets, and the potential of that being taken by the state is frightening. Many people ask what their options are when it comes to land condemnation and how they can protect their property. Before you accept an offer from the State of Indiana, be sure to read these common questions, answers, and tips for protecting yourself and your property from condemnation.

Do I have to take the state’s offer?

Absolutely not. In fact, you should not accept an offer made to you without consulting with an attorney. Each property is unique, and in every case we’ve been involved with, we’ve been able to generate more compensation for the property than what the state originally offered.

Why should I contact an attorney?

The steps needed for the government to acquire your land is a legal process. Often referred to as condemnation or eminent domain, this process starts with the government filing a request to take the property, then a judge grants permission to the government to take the property and a trial is held to determine what the government should pay for the property.

This process is important to understand because the valuation of the property is not based on fair market value. It is not simply a matter of coming to a value by looking at comparable properties like one might do when purchasing a home. The State of Indiana is represented by numerous attorneys at the Attorney General’s office and has legal representation during the trial, so it’s important for you to have an advocate working to get you the valuation your property is worth, not just the offer presented by the State of Indiana.

How do I know if an attorney is qualified in this area?

The first question you need answered is whether or not the attorney or law firm has experience representing clients in Morgan County. If they do have experience, find out how much experience they have. The interstate 69 project is moving through Morgan County and if the case cannot be settled by negotiations, it will be tried in a Morgan County Court in front of a Morgan County jury.

Law firms that have no experience practicing in Morgan County will likely lack the experience with the local judges and proceedings as well as knowledge of the local jury pool to make an informed decision as to how best to proceed with your case.

You also need to know how much experience the attorney or firm has with representing clients in land condemnation or eminent domain cases. This area of the law is different from other areas, so you want to make sure the representation you choose has experience in this area.

Finally, you should ask how much experience the attorney or law firm has represented clients at a trial. If the State of Indiana does not offer you a fair compensation, your best opportunity for fair compensation is through a trial. If your attorney does not have trial experience, your case might not have as strong of a case for adequate compensation.

How Can Boren, Oliver & Coffey Help?

The attorneys at Boren, Oliver & Coffey LLP are uniquely positioned to represent individuals, businesses, farms, and nonprofits in south-central Indiana in land condemnation cases. Our attorneys have tried more jury trials in Morgan County than any other firm in the state and as well-seasoned trial attorneys, have secured verdicts in our clients’ favor. This experience means our attorneys provide real-world counsel and advice as to what a judge is likely to rule on and what juries are likely to do with your case.

The firm of Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP has significant experience representing numerous clients in land condemnation cases, including clients in the previous sections of the project. This experience has given our firm access to experts who provide much-needed expertise and testimony to advocate for the increased valuation of your particular property.

Have more questions about land condemnation? Our attorneys are standing by to answer your questions. If your land is being taken for I-69 and you’re looking for more resources, read more details on how the state goes about procuring property and what that means to you. Come back to our blog for updates of the I-69 project and more resources on how to get the best compensation for your property!