When Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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When Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury representation

When a personal injury occurs, there is a lot the victim has to worry about personally and financially. Severe injuries result in medical attention, time away from work, and lost wages. While all of this is going on, and victims are working on regaining health, it’s often overwhelming to think about pursuing legal action in the midst of all the other stressful responsibilities. But with the right legal advice, it should actually alleviate some of these difficulties. So, when should you hire a personal injury lawyer? A lot of that depends on you, your case, and injuries, but if you’re considering legal representation, read through these tips for determining whether or not you need legal guidance on your side for your personal injury case.

Before the Statute of Limitations Deadline

Depending on where you live, and the statute of limitations around your case, you might be up against a timeframe in your personal injury case. While most are not immediate, it is important to find out what type of case you have, the liability of the at-fault party, and how long you have to seek compensation for your case. For example, in some worker’s compensation cases, third-parties involved, like a construction site, could also be responsible for compensation but must be addressed quickly. High medical costs and lost wages leave the victim in a difficult financial situation, where compensation for the injury would help relieve mounting medical bills. If you think you have a personal injury case, it is a good idea to consult with attorneys specialized in personal injury to learn your options, find out more about your case, and fight for the compensation you need to recover and heal from a personal injury case shortly after the incident. It’s important to also stress the necessity to employ an experienced personal injury attorney. Less experienced attorneys might settle for less than your case is worth.

To Have Your Own Professionals

Insurance companies have professionals working for them to help minimize compensation for personal injury cases. To put your strongest case forward, it is a good idea to have a specialized team of not only attorneys but expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and more to prove the extent of the accident and injuries. When thinking about pursuing a personal injury case, make sure you have all the right professionals in the right places. Don’t accept any settlements or payments before consulting with an attorney. A well-respected law firm will have close relationships with these and many other experts to assist in your case and present the strongest case on your behalf without you having to find these professionals yourself.

For long-term disability of loss of wages

If you sustain personal injury as the result of an accident, medical malpractice, product liability, or other types of personal injury, the time to pursue compensation is before medical bills and lost wages make life more difficult for you and your family. In a personal injury case with a long-term disability or lost wages, you deserve to be compensated for that injury. While not all personal injury cases are the same, if you suffered severe injuries, face expensive medical bills, or have experienced a significant loss of wages due to injuries, those are all signals to you that you might have a case, and it is likely time to consult a professional. Note that some personal injury cases take time. The sooner you get started, often the better. If you reach a settlement too quickly with an insurance company, you likely didn’t get the compensation your case is worth.

In Cases of Disputed Liability

Insurance companies or at-fault parties will sometimes try to dispute liability. When you know the at-fault party is disputing your case, it is often best to bring in an attorney to help you with your case. Insurance companies, as well as the negligent party,  will attempt to minimize the amount of money paid out on your case. It might also be difficult to find witnesses able to corroborate on the events of the incident days or months later. To combat the dispute, it might be time to hire an attorney to assure your case can stand up to insurance companies out to get the lowest settlement, regardless of your medical costs or lost wages.

In the event of a personal injury, the most important thing is your health, recovery, and personal wellbeing. At Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLCP our role is to help you do all of those things and get the compensation you deserve for your case. If you have suffered a personal injury and need trial-tested attorneys prepared and experienced in going up against insurance companies to fight for justice for your case, let our team of attorneys put our experience to work for you. Contact us for a free consultation and an assessment of your case with transparent answers to any of your questions.