Why did my social security disability claim get denied?

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Why did my social security disability claim get denied?

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There are a number of reasons thousands of people are denied social security disability claims each and every year. When a claim is denied, many people think that is the end of the process for gaining the social security disability funds they need. Often, it takes a team of dedicated representatives to help represent the claim and gain the funds for those in need. We’ve outlined a few of the most common reasons for denial and how a team of attorneys on your side can help you gain the funds you need.

Lack of Hard Medical Evidence

One of the most common reasons for denial is lack of hard medical evidence. Even if you take good care in preserving and communicating your medical evidence, it might not be accepted. To earn disability, the Social Security Administration requires detailed medical records outlining visits, medications, and treatments. It can be difficult to know what the council looks for in approving a case, but a trained team of attorneys can help you build the strongest case possible for approval by compiling all of the medical records you need to make the most compelling case.  

Your Income

Benefits are regulated by years worked and your contribution to Social Security. Depending on your contribution to Social Security, you may or may not qualify for standard social security disability benefits. Before submitting your claim, make sure you know if you qualify for social security disability or supplemental security income. There are specific guidelines in qualification for both of these types of insurance. Your attorney should be able to help guide you through the specifics of each of these variations of benefits.

Follow Prescribed Therapy

Following prescribed therapy is one of the fundamental guidelines for qualifying for social security disability benefits. The council will look at the history of each case to determine if the applicant is following prescriptions and medical advice. Cases are in jeopardy of denial if you have not followed specific treatment plans. When reapplying, it’s important to include all pertinent information and documentation of treatment plans and adherence to the said plan.

Crime, Fraud, Dependency

Often, disability claims depend on the nature of the disability. There are specific guidelines for navigating the cause of claim and why disability is needed. To help present the best case possible, you need documentation specifying the cause for your disability claim. Too often applicants get denied for past illnesses or personal history unrelated to the current situation.

Increase with Appeals

According to the Social Security Disability Council, awarded disability increases with appeals. Cases that are denied then reviewed and re-submitted are much more likely to earn disability benefits, as long as the new claim is complete and detailed. Refiling for many people is a daunting task after an initial denial. We help you build the strongest case possible to secure the funds you need.  

You Still Have Options

If you have been denied, or have been denied after a refiling, there is still more you can do to secure benefits. Our attorneys have experience helping people build a strong case for disability benefits to help them secure the compensation they need to live fulfilling and productive lives. If you need help filing your social security disability claim, contact your BOC Social Security and Disability Attorneys to help you navigate the difficulties of Social Security disability filing.