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Current State of the Interstate 69 Project

I-69 Project

Protecting the rights of homeowners affected by I-69 Project and Subsequent I-69 Condemnations

The attorneys at Boren, Oliver, and Coffey, LLP have been keeping a close eye on the Indiana Interstate 69 project as it moves through the state. The project is designed to make traveling across the state faster, and safer for drivers. While the project has been met with varying reactions, we have, and continue to look out for the rights of Indiana residents who might be impacted by the project in one aspect or another. Many Hoosiers have already been approached in regard to their land being used as eminent domain to complete the project. Those impacted do have rights, and options in how they handle the requests from the state. To stay up to date with all of the latest news and updates from the project, we’re looking into the current state of the project, how it came to be, and what it could mean for you and your property. We’ll answer the following questions to help you understand your rights and next steps. 

  • What is the Indiana Interstate 69 Project?
  • What should I expect at this point in the project?
  • What is next for the Indiana Interstate 69 Project?

What is the Indiana Interstate 69 Project?

For those unfamiliar with the Indiana Interstate 69 project, it was developed to provide more than 26 miles of new interstate highway, provide more than 35 lane-miles of new, local access roads, rehabilitation of 35 existing bridges, construct 39 new bridges, eliminate 14 traffic lights, construct 14 overpasses and establish 10 interstate access points. According to The Indiana Department of Transportation, the Interstate 69 project will put Indiana in a position to attract new jobs in a competitive global market.

What should I expect at this point in the project?

As with many projects of this magnitude, progress has been moving along slowly, but it’s important for all of us to stay aware of what decisions the state makes as it pertains to the I-69 project. In February of 2018, the Tier 2 Environmental Impact State was completed and published. You can find the maps and resources for this stretch of land on the Indiana Department of Transportation website. If you or someone you know will be impacted by the I-69 project,  it’s time to start building your best case for higher compensation for your land. The state will often try to offer the lowest amount they can, and you have every right to refuse the offer you are presented. The best time to start thinking about your land and rights is now before state officials come knocking on your door. We put together some tips for explaining what the I-69 will entail and what you can expect.

What is next for the Indiana Interstate 69 Project?

Officials are hoping that section six of the I-69 project will be completed in 2024. This is three years earlier than the initial estimated completion date and will cost roughly $1.6 billion in repairs and construction. The Department of Transportation says more than 80 businesses, including a non-profit and fire station, will need to relocate for section six of the project. That’s in addition to nearly 200 residences that will have to move. As the project moves along, The Department of Transportation has made themselves available to answer questions, address concerns, and share information. The next meeting regarding the Indiana Interstate 69 project will take place Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. The topic for discussion is noise analysis and mitigation. This meeting will be open to the public to give you the opportunity to share and discuss ideas regarding this issue. For more information about the project and your rights, read the following blogs to learn more, or contact our team of attorneys to understand your rights.