Criminal Appeals



All cases and criminal law are time sensitive, but criminal appeals are even more heightened due to the strict procedural rules that they are governed by. If you feel as though you have a case that needs to be appealed, contact our office immediately. Otherwise, you may waive your right to appeal if it is not timely filed.

Criminal appeals occur only after a defendant has been found guilty during the trial stage. An appeal is generally filed with the Indiana Court of Appeals based upon a particular legal question, such as whether a piece of evidence was properly admitted at trial, or because the length of the sentence that the defendant was sentenced to is somehow an abuse of the judge’s discretion.

Because all attorneys at our firm are seasoned trial attorneys, they possess the knowledge and experience necessary to evaluate each case individually to determine any appellate issues that exist and the strength those arguments.

An appeal is difficult, technical, and requires a solid understanding of the legal principles as well as the ability to craft legal arguments to advocate before the Indiana Court of Appeals. Attorney Glen Koch has had great success at the Indiana Court of Appeals, and is available for consultation if you or a loved one feels has a case that should be appealed.