Throughout the state of Indiana, the government has the ability to condemn land owned by private landowners and give it to either private corporations or use it for a governmental purpose. Recently, the construction of Interstate 69 throughout south-central Indiana has created a real need for landowners to be represented in the taking of their land by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

The attorneys at Boren, Oliver & Coffey, LLP have represented landowners throughout south-central Indiana in land condemnation cases as a result of the Interstate 69 project and public utilities such as gas and electric lines. The government is staffed with seasoned attorneys focusing only on paying the smallest possible price for your land. You have a right to have seasoned attorneys fighting hard for the best possible compensation as well.

The attorneys at our office have an excellent reputation in land condemnation cases representing both residential and commercial clients. Contact our office today set up an appointment to discuss your concerns about land that may be condemned as a result of an infrastructure project.

Review the Maps of the Preferred Alternative routes, as of March 17, 2017 (Links Below). If your Home, Business or Property is marked as a “Potential Relocation”, contact our office to discuss the next steps and any questions you may have.